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New- Monthly Subscription Service

We know that the price of chewing can be a burden, and that there is nothing worse than loosing or damaging a Chewigem and having nothing to use. So we have introduced our subscription service. Two types are available, simply select the subscription that works for you, you buy credits which can then be used to purchase the product of your choice and it all arrives in a beautiful box. Plus hassle free cancellation if its not for you!

On top of that you get to become part of our Very Important Chewers Group, so support, advice, pre-release products as well as a host of other freebies and goodies.


"I love that there are Chewies for any age. We are a chewie family, all my children have at least one, even my NT children. It all started with me finding Chewies and finding then so helpful for my own chewing/ fiddling habits for which they have been perfect in a fashionable way. No one looks at me and thinks anything is childish, which is fab as a grown woman!"

Kerry Lovatt

We've ordered three times in the last 3 months and also won a competition. My 4 year old, whose under assessment for Autism, would lick everything. People, items etc. She would also chew her sleeves and hair. We've been buying different bangles and she loves them all. They have reduced her licking and when she is anxious she really chews them. They've made a huge difference to my girl. We will soon be placing more orders as she likes a collection. Plus we leave one at school, one at GranGrans etc. She also misplaced them at times so we always have spares.
Customer service is fantastic. Can not fault in any way. Also when we won the competition on a Monday, we were on holiday. I messaged with address on the Tuesday and they were here when we returned home on the Friday.
Fabulous company. Highly recommend.

Stacey Reynolds

We ordered from chewigem as my 8 year old has been chewing and eating his glasses frame! We ordered the sample box on Saturday and it arrived today, packaging was faultless and I love the box the products have come in! my son quickly chose a chewigem that was right for him! So glad the box was an option as what he chose wasn't what I originally thought about buying! The service put a smile on our faces (and everyone we have shown the emails to have laughed!)

Daniella Todd

I ordered from Chewigem for my 7 year old daughter who is being assessed for Asperger's and ADHD she chews,sucks and eats everything that she has in her hands like clothes,toys and her glasses arms she has found the bracelet very helpful at school and the Hexichew is very good to keep her hands busy.

Would highly recommend.

Deanna Sharp

Thank you so much for my daughters Chewigem gift box. Super fast delivery and great value for money. Reeve is very happy with them, she didn't know which one to play with first. Highly recommend buying the gift box, will look forward to purchasing more chewigems in the future. Xx

Amy Blacknurn

Chewigem products were recommended to us by our HV...  After trying out a couple of different chewigems, the toy strap is my daughters favourite. It is very soft and flexible; she loves to chew it and fiddle with it. It's very versatile. Since finding this product, my daughter has stopped biting her nails, soft toys and clothing etc, and her meltdowns have reduced. Thank you x

Jessica Ord

Fantastic company we ordered raindrop necklaces for our 9 year old autistic daughter. I was disappointed as she managed to chew through them . I contacted Chewigem and was sent 2 button necklaces with no questions asked and these are a lot stronger for my daughters needs . Thank you for your fast and fabulous service will be recommending you

Hayley Clayton

I've recently been in hospital after an autism related breakdown. I'm now being cared for at home and during one of my CPN visits he noticed that I bite my hands and suck on my clothes a lot. He then went and requested some funding for some chewigems and I was given the starter kit. It's amazing. My hands and clothes both thank me for having these. And while my anxiety an paranoia is still high these help reduce it dramatically! I have since gone and purchased some more so that some can be washed while I use others I like them that much! I can't thank the guys at chewigem enough!

Heather Willow COurtney

We're so glad we took the plunge and tried son literally had no nails left, things constantly in his mouth....shirts, iPad cases, fingers, food!! But these products have helped him so much with his anxieties and focus, the effect was almost instant! So thank you chewigem can't recommend you enough!Xxxx

Amanda Hillstead

Fantastic selection of sensory chews for hard or soft chewers!! My twins are very pleased with their twister bangles & dog tags that are ideal for their sensitive teeth! Will definitely be purchasing more products. Well made, packaged & prompt delivery! Thank you.

Angela Lambert

We've had two necklaces and a tread bangle. My daughter uses them to fidget with and bite when anxious. They are robust, made of a good material (we've had cheaper and to be honest they've felt like dog toys!) and very cute!

Laura Lam Wilcox

A HUGE thanks for going above + beyond for us last week when we realised at the airport that we'd stupidly left home without Harrys chewi. After contacting you, we managed to have a new one delivered the very next day, and our week was saved!! Fantastic service as always. Very much appreciated.

Sandra Feeney

I bought my son a skull pendant and was really disappointed when he chewed right through it fairly quickly. After chatting to Chewigem they explained that he was probably an aggressive chewer and replaced the skull with a button pendant. I'm pleased to say that months down the line and the button is still going strong with no signs of wear. My son is 10 and the pendant looks like a fashion accessory and doesn't make him stand out which was one of my concerns. I'm so happy with it I'm going to order some more!

Sarah James

Holy moly, this is amazing! arrived before estimated date, is bloody good, and i am in love with it. 10/10 would recommend to autistic adults like myself. go getchaself one of these bad boy's. they're great, and i love it


Thank you for the email. Lovely to hear I am supporting you guys! Thought you would like to know another use for your items as I haven't brought them for a child or adult with any of the typical ADHD etc. I have brought them for my husband who is a self harmer through biting and other methods. The block is being used as a necklace - something he is able to use to get his frustration out before he hurts himself, hopefully taking away the need to self harm and the bangle is for the same reason but something he can use when around others as it's less obvious. So thank you for supplying such a good quality product as it has many uses!!


First of all thank you!!!!

Wow the quality is far superior to ones we have previously had the last only making it only 6wks.
My daughter has said that your chewelry feels better than the others and has hardly taken it off(sleeping and showering only) 
I was absolutely astounded that it arrived not even 24hrs after ordering and in fantastic hygienic packaging guys will be added to my list of favourites for future purchases.
Thank you again for making our life's a lot less stressful. Xxxx

L K Harris

The bangle arrived and my son loves it!! I've also had comments from his school about how much calmer he is when he has one of his chews with him. I can't thank you guys enough for making these, they've had such a positive impact on my sons (and my) life. I didn't think anything could help him keep calm but these really do, his concentration and his ability to listen and learn have all improved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 



Occupational Therapists, SENCO's and many other professionals often recommend Chewigem. Chewigem has been proven to regulate chewing, decrease anxiety and much more!

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We understand that you perhaps cannot wait to get your hands on Chewigem! That's why we guarantee same day dispatch of your Chewigem package if you order before 12pm Monday to Friday

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