Chewi People

Meet the amazing Chewigem Team


Jenny McLaughlan

Likes to think she is the one with all the ideas but secretly admits "The Hubster" also has the odd moment of clarity and genius! The brains behind the operation?!


Stuart McLaughlan

Calls himself COO - Operations i.e. manages all our stock and makes sure we don't run out! He is also the voice of reason, who puts the brakes on our spending.. we have more ideas than time and money! Also a fantastic artist who sketches our ideas for sampling. 


Lorraine Young

Chewigem Brand Manager & Mam to Autistic Teen Jamie.  Overseeing all things Chewigem.  Devoted to planning, developing and marketing the Chewigem Brand.

Lorraine is usually on hand on our Facebook Page as she loves a good chat and helping you to find the right products!


Jamie Young

The Inspiration behind Chewigem.  Jamie loves chatting to people, doing reviews and live videos.  If you ever have a question for Jamie just get in touch.


Pippa Reddy

Our Customer Relations Manager  -  the smiliest lady you will ever meet! Also loves a good chat! And always at hand to help with enquiries! Has real attention to detail which is much needed! Give her a call!


Joel Francis

Our Graphic Designer, creates most of the adverts you see on Facebook, and generally is just an image wizard.  (His dyspraxia and dyslexia help with his creative powers).


Chris Gibbons

Chris helps us plan our Business & Marketing Strategy and keeps our leadership team focused on getting there. 


Amy Beck

Our Finance Manager Amy  covers all things finance related here at Chewigem. Often described as a mini Welsh pocket rocket,  whilst Amy is always happy to help she is also the one that may have to chase you when you've been naughty and have not paid you bill!

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Suzanne Van Der Star

Suzanne runs our operation in the Benelux area, but she is more than just a partner. She is a Pedagogue and runs her own practice, specialising in working with children and their parents (and surroundings) with attention and concentration problems and sensory processing disorders.


Pankaj Thakur

Web Developer


Chewigem Ambassadors

Chewigems biggest fans


Zahara Qadri

Youth Ambassador
The amazing daughter of Mona from Just Ausome - check out her Instagram below


Daniel Ross

Group Admin and Bouncer! You can follow him here


Bernadette Crisp

The Artist! 
Check out her journey and her work here



Casper Dawson

22 year old IG Blogger


Colin Roberts (The Goodly)

Family is my world.  Dad to 3 amazing kids and a tortoise.


The Mother Geek

Geeky Wife,Mum, Blogger & social media junkie.



Autistic Genius

Sharing his personal story and hopefully allowing others to relate.


Katy Gough (Invisible i)

Katy has Asperger's Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Posting regular videos about her lifestyle and experiences whilst learning to live with her diversities and disabilities.


Lana Grant

Autism and Asperger advisory service delivering bespoke Autism training packages for parent support groups and educational providers and healthcare professionals.



Joseph Scanlon

You tuber & Co-Chair of Worcestershire Branch of the National Autistic Society.



Jayden Worthington

** Youth Ambassador **

15 year old Autistic Instagram Reviewer.


Helena (Safe Chewable Stim Toys)

A blog about safe chewable stim toys and where to find them.


Mo May (Not So Neurotypical)

**Youth Ambassador**

13 years old making awareness videos for girls with autism


Purple Ella

Ella, inimitable lover of purple. Autistic blogger, YouTuber and speaker.  My family is an autism family with three out of five of us (including me) on the autistic spectrum. So life can be a challenge but also a lot of fun.