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Chewigem Community Core Values

The Chewigem Community grows each day, so we thought it was important to share our core values and principles. By doing this we will be able to support one another and make a unique contribution to the community.

Who We Are & What We Stand For?

Chewigem is a supportive worldwide community of like-minded people who offer education & support to people dealing with any form of Sensory Processing Difficulty.

Our expert team work tirelessly to support our community through content, podcasts, expert advice & specialist product selection.

We have created a culture of acceptance and belonging, where everyone is welcome. Regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and gender choices, people are people.

We strive to show deep respect for everyone whether it be inside and outside of our community.

We encourage integrity; be real, be you.

Chewigem is a positive place and while we encourage healthy debates,  will not accept any negative or unhelpful comments within our community groups.  If you don’t have anything helpful to say, then don’t say it.

Our community is about learning, understanding, and helping.

There are no stupid questions. Community members should feel safe to ask for the help they need.  Asking questions is the only way that we can learn and the only way we can help to educate others.

It is possible to cause hurt deliberately & accidentally. The important difference is intent.

No matter the topic, we will be tolerant of other point of views. Ideas and beliefs can change over time and we will create a space that allows people to learn and explore ideas without fear of personal attack.

Person first language or identity-first language is a personal preference. We will not judge or attack people for their choices. At the same time we will also stand up for anyone  who unintentionally cause ‘offence’ by using ‘incorrect’ language.

We encourage awareness but more importantly acceptance.

We do not believe that people with sensory processing challenges, autism or other such diagnosis need a “cure” and we will not support organisations with this belief.

We believe in equality of opportunity and giving everyone what they need to be successful.

We are striving to minimise our negative impact on the environment.

We have passion & quality; what we do we do well.

We do our best to make everyday count, laugh and have fun.

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