Chewing To Support School Success

Improve concentration, learning, mood & behaviour


Saskia Grassie

Senior Children’s Occupational Therapist, Gateshead

A significant number of children have a genuine need to chew in order to help them manage everyday life both in and out of school.

Foundation skills such as listening to instructions, staying on task and remaining seated for any length of time can be a real challenge for many chewers – particularly if their oral sensory needs are not met.

Chewing on a ‘chewy’ can help children cope more effectively with stress reactions; relieve tension; help children deal with difficult feelings such as anger and frustration; help children cope with transitions, new experiences and more challenging environments and social situations.

Use of a purpose made chewy can also re-direct harmful and often disruptive chewing behaviours. An increase in concentration levels and on-task behaviour is a frequently observable outcome.

Understanding The Need To Chew