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Product Safety Info

Safety Info

All our silicone items are lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free, so you can have peace of mind there are no nasties!

Silicone can withstand high and low temperatures and does not promote the growth of bacteria. You can wash all items in a dishwasher, steriliser or hot soapy water. (we recommend you remove the cord on necklaces before washing)

All products should be used with adult supervision and checked frequently for signs of damage, they must be disguarded once damage is seen.

Necklaces - Not suitable for children under 36 months of age, due to long cord - strangulation risk

Once damaged, the necklace should be disguarded and replaced. The breakaway clasp and cord are NOT for chewing and are purely to hold the necklace in place, if you think your child will chew the clasp then this product is not suitable and you would be better with a bangle. We strongly recommend not to pull on the cord HARD whilst the pendant is being chewed as this puts force on the stringing hole which is the weakest point of the necklace and could cause it to break.

Breakaway clasp

Our bespoke breakaway clasps provide additional comfort and safety and are set to break apart at approximately 2.3KG's of pressure (5llbs).

Bangles - Suitable for any age but regular checking for wear and tear is required and once seen the product should be replaced.

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Silk Cord

Sold By: Chewigem


Do you chew through most of the Chewigem range?


The Button Pendant is one of our thicker Chewigems. 

It’s great for people who use their back teeth for chewing! 

Its stylish disc shape is great if you want a unique piece of Chewellery that will stand out but not make you stand out!

Perfect for Medium – Aggressive Chewers!

Find out about our AMAZING product guarantee here.

For an average chewer this works out around 40p per day.

VIC’s pay less, find our more here.


Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1.4 cm
Button Colours

Blue & Purple, Blue & White swirl, Blue Teal, Camouflage, Green & White swirl, Navy Blue, Pink, Red/Orange/Green/Yellow swirl, silver grey, Glow in Dark, Rainbow

6 reviews for Button Necklaces

  1. Angel

    My daughter bought this one from the Birmingham show. She bought the red/orange/green/yellow swirl.
    She absolutely loves it.

    I’m an adult chewer with a button too. So she originally bought it to be just like mummy. But she has taken to it in a huge way.

    This Chewi is very robust.
    It’s one of the strongest I have tried so far.
    I use mine during panic attacks (which usually involves me biting the inside of my cheeks and causing damage) my button has survived without any damage on it or myself!
    I’m a very demanding chewer during anxiety.

    My button has also been helpful for times when I am concentrating and walk around/do things as I’m finding I’m holding it between my teeth.

    I love the button! <3

  2. Rebecca

    The buttons are definitely one of the hardest chews which makes them great for people who need a lot of sensory feedback. They come in a wide range of colours so that you can both blend in or stand out. They look really cool and I would highly recommend the button pendants.

  3. Phoenix Lilly (verified owner)

    I really like the button pendant! I have a Rainbow one and it provides a lot of feedback when chewing without being damaged by intense chewing. Good for front and back teeth. Does get weaker through chewing, especially at the bottom of mine where I chew it a lot, it’s gotten softer over time but is still durable and is not prone to wearing down easily. 9/10 would recommend. It can hurt your jaw if you chew it too intensely for too long, but that’s the only complaint I have about it. Another huge success by chewigem.

  4. liosborne (verified owner)

    I got this chew as it had been recommended as really tough and durable. It definitely is! It’s has the most resistance of all my chews and I don’t think I could ever chew through it , BUT it does have some give to it which is great for chewing comfort. The colour choices are awesome. I originally wanted the red and white swirl but, as that wasn’t available, I got the red/orange/yellow/green swirl and I love that even more! I reminds me of sticks of rock that you’d buy at the seaside.

    I was unsure of the glossy texture, as my other chews are matt, but I wasn’t bothered by it. It’s glossy and smooth but not slippery.

    My only cons are as follows:
    1) There was a noticeable scent to this chew which my other chews didn’t have. It was sort of paint-like or glue-like. I don’t know if that might be due to the glossy finish or not. It did go away after a couple weeks of use though.
    2) The thickness. Though it’s thickness obviously helps it be really durable, I personally find it a little uncomfortable in the mouth. I tend to chew with the side of my mouth rather than the teeth at the very front of my mouth so it sticks out to one side or the other and stretches my lips a bit much (they can get dry and cracked if I chew the button for too long).
    3) It’s noticeable. Although I love how it looks, the overall size and colour of mine attracts a lot of attention. It doesn’t fit in with the clothes I wear so I tend to only use it at home.

  5. nathyschneider96 (verified owner)

    The button is a strong chew it has less give. If i chew it too long my teeth hurt and it´s too big. Sometimes i find it to0 bulky and heavy to wear but if i need it its the there and i haven´t destroyed it yet.

  6. NormalBlogTM (verified owner)

    So I got this pendant since I’d bust through my other chewi fairly quickly, and I wanted something that would last. I got myself the glow in the dark version, and it arrived next day which I was very pleased with! Immediately loved the texture of the cord, very easy to wear. I gave it a try after washing it, and noticed I’d already left teeth marks in it, which made my heart drop since I hadn’t noticed that on my other chewi. But I noticed it seemed to kind of regain its shape after a while? So it wasn’t like I was leaving permanent bite marks in it, much to my relief. Besides leaving the occasional bite mark, another thing I’d noticed that was different from my other chewi was how easily it catches hair. It’s a mildly sticky, smooth material that’s nice in the mouth, assuming you’ve given it a good rinse first. But, as night started to fall, that’s when the real fun happened! I bought mine with a spare toggle cord to make it easier to fidget with, and when spinning it around in the dark, it makes a fantastic visual stim! Even in the daylight, it’s soft colour is very soothing. So 4/5 for this one; kinda yucky to chew on, but when paired with the toggle cord makes a great visual and tactile stim!

  7. jenny

    Thanks for the feedback and thrilled you have enjoyed the visual element of it. Shame about the texture not being right for you. All our stuff has a different texture, so worth trying one of our matt chews. Everyone is so different some people love this feel, others like yourself are less keen. As always feel free to message and we would be happy to guide you!

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