Chewable Pencil Case Set

Chewable Pencil Case Set

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Product Safety Info

Safety Info

All our silicone items are lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free, so you can have peace of mind there are no nasties!

Silicone can withstand high and low temperatures and does not promote the growth of bacteria. You can wash all items in a dishwasher, steriliser or hot soapy water. (we recommend you remove the cord on necklaces before washing)

All products should be used with adult supervision and checked frequently for signs of damage, they must be disguarded once damage is seen.

Necklaces - Not suitable for children under 36 months of age, due to long cord - strangulation risk

Once damaged, the necklace should be disguarded and replaced. The breakaway clasp and cord are NOT for chewing and are purely to hold the necklace in place, if you think your child will chew the clasp then this product is not suitable and you would be better with a bangle. We strongly recommend not to pull on the cord HARD whilst the pendant is being chewed as this puts force on the stringing hole which is the weakest point of the necklace and could cause it to break.

Breakaway clasp

Our bespoke breakaway clasps provide additional comfort and safety and are set to break apart at approximately 2.3KG's of pressure (5llbs).

Bangles - Suitable for any age but regular checking for wear and tear is required and once seen the product should be replaced.

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Looking For a Discreet Way To Chew At School?


We know how important it is for our children not to stand out. We know that not everyone likes wearable items.

Introducing the Chewigem Pencil Case

Perfect for the school or even work setting.

Includes a fidgetable pencil case and chewable ruler, protractor, eraser and calculator!

IMPORTANT – the ruler and protractor are not real but has about 5% accuracy – The calculator is not a functioning calculator.

The Pencil case itself although non-toxic is NOT designed for chewing, it is thin and would not last, but does make a good fidget with the bubbles on it.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 8 cm

2 reviews for Chewable Pencil Case Set

  1. Rebecca

    This pencil case is amazing because it is so discreet so it easily blends in with a working environment (school, work etc.).

    The pencil case itself is a great fidget as you can pop the bubbles in and out.
    The ruler is great for flapping and is a has some bounce back when chewed.
    The protractor is the same type of chew as the ruler but is really easy to hold whilst chewing.
    The calculator is harder than the ruler and protractor and it has a great tactile input when running your fingers over the numbers.
    The rubber has a softer side and a harder side which makes it great for switching between the two if your chewing needs change.

    I would highly highly recommend this product!

  2. alicekerby

    Really great!
    I bought this one for a child I care for as he enjoys flapping things, opening zips and anything tactile, but often chews on them.
    Chewigem very kindly agreed to send just the pencil case, as he wouldn’t have any use for the other bits.
    He has loved it! From a tactile perspective alone it is great! The bumps feel like bubble wrap and you can push them in and out. He loves flapping it and playing with the zip. And now it’s also safe for him to put in his mouth. LOVE IT.

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